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We Rescue The Animals When They Need Our Help.

Good Food

Anyone Needs Food To Live, We Provide Them Best Food For Good Health.

Medical Care

We Rescue Them And Provide Perfect Medical Care To Save Them.

Regular Care

We Do Check The Animals Regulerly and check them daily.

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Dog Home Foundation, a place where dogs can find another home. It was started with the simple idea of helping the poor stray dogs and treating them.

The Founders, Kuldeep, KR Choudhary And Pramod had no idea when to start this mission. They just loved to feed dogs and help all the animals that were needy.

One day, they just encountered a situation wherein a poor dog was mistreated. They found out that there is no shelter for them and no proper treatments for these poor creatures. Then, they came up with the idea of starting something where these creatures can find their home. Eventually, Dog Home Foundation was established. It is usually said that when a dog is in your life, there is always a reason to smile but eventually no one cares about the Dog's smile. Dog Home Foundation does this job.

How To HelpMany Ways To Help


Give Small Contribution, Donate For Animals!!


Adopt Dogs, And Give Them Home.


Be The Part Of Dog Home Family, Contact Now!


Be The Part Of Dog Home Family, Volunteer Now.

Success Story Of Dog Home

Dog Home Foundation have already achieved a milestone by treating 13000 Dogs in the field. Around 2000 Dogs had already arrived in the shelter. The success rate for this mission is 98.5% till now. The dogs that were treated are now living healthy and good life. Few dogs are even adopted by people and living a life that they deserved. All the facilities provided by Dog Home Foundation are free of cost. Not even a single penny is charged for this Noble deal. After Dog Home Foundation we have started shelter for big animals also and in one month already rescued 100+ Cows, Donkeys, Camel like big animals, who were accidental, ill and paralyzed.