Raised: ₹3,060

Goal: ₹200,000

Donation For Dog's Medicines

Our dog home foundation is dedicated to providing a safe and loving home for stray dogs in need of medical attention. We have more than 500 dogs in our care at any given time, many of whom have been abandoned, are paralyzed, or are suffering from cancer. We provide all of our services for free, including medical care, shelter, and food, ensuring that these furry friends receive the care and attention they need and deserve.

Raised: ₹1,443

Goal: ₹250,000

Donation For Camels Prosthetic Legs

Camels Prosthetic Legs are specialized prosthetic legs designed to help those who have lost a limb or part of a limb. They are designed to mimic the natural movement of the human body and provide a comfortable and secure fit. They provide a range of features such as adjustable suspension, flexible fit systems, and multi-angle articulation to ensure a comfortable and natural-feeling gait. These prosthetic legs are lightweight and easy to use, and require minimal maintenance. They can also be easily adjusted to accommodate different sizes and shapes of individuals. Camels Prosthetic Legs are designed to help restore mobility and independence for those with physical disabilities.