The time will vary based on the condition of the animal and the number of animal emergencies at that time. Our helpline call attendants send the ambulances to the most critical animals first, such as animals who are unable to walk, have fractures, are bleeding, etc.

If it’s taking time for the ambulance to reach, please know that it’s because there are more critical rescues required first.

If you can bring the animal to Animal Aid yourself this is greatly appreciated and will ensure fast treatment.

Dog Home Foundation is in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

Ganesham Farm House Plot No.13, opp. GS Jangid School, Bujhawad,

Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342802

Yes, we treat stray / street animals / Pets as well.

Yes, If the animal does not require getting admitted in the hospital then our

Street Treatment Team can provide treatment on filed as well.

Yes. Visiting hours for animals admitted in our hospital are between 10AM-6PM.

No, Dog Home Foundation does not take owned animals. However, if you are having problems keeping your pet you can reach out to us and we can give advice and assistance.